Simon Joyner - The Cowardly Traveller Pays His Toll

type: Music / by Team Love Shop

The vinyl-only The Cowardly Traveller Pays His Toll was originally released in 1994, released on Sing, Eunuchs! and marks the first major critical milestone in Joyner's lauded career. John Peel famously played it in its entirety on his BBC radio program and Joyner's underground cult status was solidified. This event became know as "The Peel Incident" in Europe because in all of John Peel's years in radio he had only played a record in its entirety one other time.


  1. 747 5:05
  2. Address 3:58
  3. I Went to Our Lady of Perpetual Healing 3:27
  4. Montgomery 3:02
  5. August (Die She Must) 2:46
  6. Target 3:48
  7. Josephine 2:04
  8. Fallen Man 3:44
  9. Javelin 4:15 MP3
  10. Appendix 4:36
  11. Cole Porter 6:33
  12. Joy Division 5:04